pipeline poke

Types of Poke | The Sauce Down Low

Traditionally a soy-sauce, onion preparation (also known as our Pipeline sauce) is what’s synonymous with Poke in most people’s minds. But we have a few other sauce options for you that our chef Shawn Gole created during his travels in Hawaii. Since all our poke is made to order we can …



Here’s a creation that Chef Shawn created one day on the fly and it caught on with our locals. The Poke-rrito combines two surfer food classics, the burrito and poke. Instead of wrapping everything up in a tortilla, we use nori and add a dash of our Waimea sauce.

hawaiian haupia pie

Haupia Pie

Here at North Shore Poke Company we carry one Hawaiian dessert, the classic Haupia Pie. Our Haupia Pies are made fresh every …


What is Poke?

We get asked this question a lot at the store. Often enough people have heard about Poke and want to try it …